artist / CEO hirofumi suga


Born in 1972 in Shakujii Park, Tokyo, Hirofumi Suga began his journey in landscape architecture at the age of 17. A year and a half later, after being enthralled by the beauty of Kyoto’s gardens he sought to receive training by the head garden designer at Ryoanji, only to be refused by the chief priest. By introduction from Ryoanji’s head garden designer, he was able to receive training at Kyoto/Jonangu Shrine famous for Kyokusui no En. Following roughly four years of training, Suga began his own career as a garden designer at the age of 22. From that time, he also began studying the art of tea ceremony and flower arrangement. Around the age of 30, design and planning job requests began coming in more often, and at the age of 44 he opened up his office in Barcelona, Spain. Currently, he works globally based out of both Japan and Barcelona.

Company overview

会社名 株式会社 M1
代表取締役 スガ ヒロフミ
所在地 〒236-0031 神奈川県横浜市金沢区六浦2-19-3
TEL 050-8885-2836
FAX 050-8885-2837
資本金 600万円
設立 2021年6月
  1. SDGs自然ツアー事業
  2. 樹木・木材・森林研究開発事業
  3. 環境教育・木育・保全事業
  4. 室内木質化事業
  5. ランドスケープ設計・デザイン・コンサルティング事業
  6. 庭園設計・デザイン、造園・外構工事、土木工事・空間演出事業
  7. 庭園管理事業
  8. SDGs関連事業
  9. 上記に付帯する一切の業務
Company name M1 Ltd.
ceo hirofumi suga
location 2-19-3 Mutsuura Kanazawa-ku Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 236-0031
tel +81- (0)50-8885-2836
fax +81- (0)50-8885-2837
Capital 6 million yen
established june 2021
Business content
  1. SDGs nature tour business
  2. Tree / wood / forest research and development business
  3. Environmental education / tree education / conservation business
  4. Indoor woody business
  5. Landscape design / design / consulting business
  6. Garden design / design, landscaping/exterior work, civil engineering work/space production business
  7. Garden management business
  8. SDGs related business
  9. Any business incidental to the above