Ishigaki resort

Landscape concept & design
Date: 2021



Ishigaki is mainly known for its beaches and idyllic costal landscape yet this territory symbolizes a deeper strength. Their strength is as deep as the roots of its native ancient trees, a balance relationship with nature full of resilience stories. In this many layers of history relies our project proposal, a space to reconnect with the uniqueness of the Miyara region with respect for nature and recuperating local green and construction elements.

The proposal preserves the existing vegetation linked to the beach front and increases the green areas by reestablishing more of the local forest as a shelter for the visitors of the project. Within this green shelter starts the benefits on a physical and psychological level of our interaction with nature. As we get immerse in it, we become more aware of its importance, how it has impacted the life of the residents of Miyara and how this connection promotes a healthier relationship with the land, others and ourselves.

3 main ecosystems shaped by water
native plants